Gullah JAc


Gullah Jac is Charleston’s Only Native full-blooded Gullah Geechie Guide in the Holy City.  Gullah Jac is known as what Charleston calls a Ben-Yah. 

A Ben-Yah is a Charleston native that is truly from Charleston, the Holy City and one who can prove his ancestral blood-line to be Deeply Rooted in the Gullah Geechie ancient line of Kings and Queens and the traditions of the holy prophets and teachers, (Acts 13:1) in their sacred truth about their holy cultural heritage.

The Come-Yahs are those that only came afterward and are truly outsiders and exploiters of the Gullah Geechie people. They come with a very different spirit that coincides with Massa's spirit. They all teach that Gullah originated from the African slave trade of West Africa. 

A Ben-Yah is a native Charleston Gullah Geechie with the kindred blood connection to the Slaves that built up the Holy City Charleston and the New World and they are the people that God created at the beginning of time and not out of slavery. They are the original native people of the land that is today called Charleston and the Americas. 

Gullah Jac does not take kindly to any outsider or any false teacher that teaches lies and fairytale stories about his Gullah Geechie culture of his God and his heritage of his father’s. This New Year of 2020 marks the ending of the 400 Year curse and the Start of Redemption for the Gullah Geechie people. 

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